I can’t remember the last time this happened.

Something very unusual happened yesterday. I could probably count on one hand the number of times.

Come to think of it, I can’t even remember one time, although it may have happened.

Hubby and I had just one of the kids. Both of us, one of them.

J had basketball practice yesterday in Hastings, and went with one of his teammates to get there. Shan’s practice doesn’t start until November, so she didn’t need to go along.

My son didn’t need to be at his friend’s house until noon, but Hubby and I had a meeting in town at 11:oo, so we left the house around 10:30, leaving J with some money to run up the hill to get some lunch on his own, and Tim’s truck to get to his friend’s house.

We did drag Shan to our meeting. I’m sure it was thrilling for her.  😛   We also took her on hospital visitation with us, but that ended up being a bit hilarious as the gentleman we were visiting is quite a hoot.

I had gotten paid on Friday, so I decided to splurge a little and take Tim out to eat for ‘Pastor Appreciation.’ Hey, he’s my pastor, and I appreciate him. 😉

It was kind of strange being out to eat as both of us and only one of the kids.


Very strange, indeed. But we had fun!

After we were done in town, we decided to head up to N. Platte. Tim wanted to see if the Wal-Mart up there had what he was looking for.

I’m glad we went! Not necessarily to the Wal-Mart, but God answered some prayers yesterday.

Let me back up a little…

My daughter needs some shoes. She had a pair of tennis shoes but they were ruined at  mud-fest  LifeLight. She has had them since 8th grade, so they were about done-in anyway. She has some ‘combat’ style boots, but she can’t really play basketball or tennis or anything else in them. Well, she has tried, but it usually doesn’t turn out well.  There aren’t many stores around here that sell size 11 – 11 1/2 in women’s shoes, and the ones that do have very expensive shoes. She finally found a pair at a local store that worked for her feet, but they were $150. I told her she would have to wear them until she gives birth to her 3rd child. 😛

I could also use a pair of shoes. I know, I know, don’t faint.

For some reason I’m not allowed to go barefoot at work. 😉 (and no, I didn’t ask. I know better.) However, the only pair of shoes I own with any type of support in them are my old tennis shoes that I wear out in the garden, and a pair of flip-flop style sandals my mother gave me on our last cruise. (I love those shoes, Mama! Thank you!) However, I really need a pair of ‘dress casual’.  I do own a pair, which are about 11 years old and work for my typical M.O. – something to slip on my feet to drive to my next location and take off. They do NOT work for standing/walking/climbing ladders all day. They are harder than standing on concrete all day. Last Saturday at work my feet were screaming “I hate you!” after a few hours. I informed them they were just old and they needed to suck it up. An hour later my knees, hips, and back had joined in on the “I hate you” chorus, and threatened mutiny if I told them they were old.  I must have told them as they followed through on their threat. 😦

Mutiny aside, I haven’t been able to justify purchasing a pair of supportive shoes just to wear one or two days a week, especially when my kids have a long list of things they need. (Which is why I got the job in the first place.)

Enter the answer to prayer:

North Platte has a fairly decent Goodwill. We go there almost every time we are in the town. My prayer was that Shan and I would both be able to find a pair of shoes that would meet our needs.

And God answered. And it was with specifics.

Shan found a pair of Reebocks that were in great shape and comfortable. And fit. 🙂 Amazing!

Then I found a pair of Clarks casual dress shoes. Clarks, folks, Clarks. And in my size. Why is this significant? Because I had secretly desired to get a pair of Clarks. They are well-known for comfort and support, and for their high price tag.  God knew what I wanted, and blessed me with them. He didn’t have to. I’m sure another shoe would have gotten me by, and I would have been happy.  But, oh, these shoes feel heavenly!

Not only did we find shoes, but I also found a purple (my favorite color), long, zip-up, fuzzy robe similar to the one I had been looking for to wear on cold winter mornings. And we found two silicone soap molds, which had also been on my wish list. So, for only $16 we were able to pick up over $200 worth of items that had been on my ‘list’.  Yay! God is so good.




5 thoughts on “I can’t remember the last time this happened.

  1. God is so Good!!!! That was a great buy Annie 🙂 I love my Clarks and they are so comfortable! Say hello to my purples LOL

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