Something better

I know in the last post I explained that I was looking forward to the five hours on the road of silence.

I did something better.

I called my sister. 🙂

I talked with her from right outside McCook to 30 miles outside of Omaha.

It was awesome. I haven’t spent that much time talking with my sister for years. YEARS!

We had both started a ‘sister visit’ fund so my sister could come out and visit us here in Nebraska, however emergencies popped up and both funds were depleted. We need to start that again. I need my sister to come and visit me. 🙂

So, sister, these photos are for you, showing you the wide-open spaces of the Sandhills. And no, I didn’t take these. 😉

imagesPZEWWOBW imagesXXDC4S4G untitled


2 thoughts on “Something better

  1. I so enjoyed our conversation. It was such a blessing to me. YOU are such a blessing to me. I’m so glad you called.

    Thanks for the pictures, and I have just put $3.99 in our “visit my sister in Nebraska” fund.

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