More Soap

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned making some mocha mint soap.

I did, indeed, make some, however I wasn’t sure about the scent at first and decided that it was probably a wash. (Yes, that pun was intended. And yes, I know it was pathetic.)

After a few days I started asking other’s opinions on how it smelled. Most of the comments were the same: “It smells like mint brownies.”



The mocha mint are on the left. On the right are bars of acne soap.

I have been working on an anti-aging soap recipe for some of us slightly more mature folks. 😉

This recipe has jojoba oil, shea butter (I really wanted kokum butter, but cannot find it locally), vitamin E oil, grape seed oil, among the other more common soaping oils. I used lavender and lemongrass as the main essential oils, and added a touch of rosemary essential oil. It smells wonderful! Even my son likes it. I also added oatmeal and some Spirulina, not only for a little bit of natural colorant and exfoliant, but also for the health benefits.

Unfortunately, right before I started making the soap my large crock pot crock broke. 😦   So I had to use two small crock pots.  Then I had the ‘wonderful’ idea to make one of the crock pot batches with the Spirulina, and the other with the oatmeal. I would then swirl them together.

Just a note…. swirling doesn’t work well in hot process soap. The soap is a bit more ‘rustic’ looking and clumpy.

I ended up with ‘cammo’ soap, not the beautifully swirled soap I was hoping for.




Oh, well, it does smell good. I will use this for a few weeks and test to see if it has the benefits I think it should.

In fact, I will go use some now.  I need to get off and get ready for work.  The manager of the bookstore had her baby last week, so I am now working two days a week so the owner can have a day off.

The kids also need to get moving as they are headed out in a few hours for a weekend missions trip to SD. They will be at an Indian reservation cutting wood and helping to put on a day camp for children.



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