Hair Challenges (Oh, be careful little mouths what you say.)

This post will either make you laugh or shake your head and wonder about my sanity.

I really wouldn’t blame you if you went with the latter.  😉


We’ve been doing our household budget strictly a la Dave Ramsey for the past several months. Well, since I had to purchase a car.  And actually having a car payment is against his principles of finance, but as we actually do need two vehicles there wasn’t another option. I have followed some of his principles over the last several years. It isn’t that we have frivolously spent money in the past; we don’t make enough to be able to do that. But our grocery budget was a little more flexible, and we at least had a shekel or two to spend on, oh, say a hair cut every six to eight weeks.

After pouring over our budget to see where we can ‘tighten the belt’, I decided haircuts were one thing we could cut out. Not a problem. I know how to cut hair. I cut hubby’s and son’s on occasion, and can trim up my daughter’s as needed. I do not, however, have the skill to cut my own. So, I declared aloud to the others in my family that I was going to let my hair grow out until my car is paid off.

Me and my big mouth.

I forgot the challenging stages of it growing out. I’m starting to feel a little sheep dogish. I’m also starting to look a little sheep dogish. 😀 I am looking forward to when my hair is long enough to pull back into a head band or barrette. I also forgot that my face looks fatter than it already does now when I grow my hair out. 😦 However, I will stay true to my word and not cut my hair. (Oh, what was I thinking!) Who knows, maybe I will like it.  At least my neck will be warm this winter.

And speaking of staying warm…

There is another hair challenge going on in our household.  Some of you may have heard of ‘No Shave November’.  It is usually men who participate in this event. Last year my legs participated as well. Basically out of laziness and the fact that leg shaving and goose bumps don’t go well together. Ever.

Well, this year I *may* have gotten a jump-start on this in early October.  (I’m guessing my mother is about to expire from mortification at this point.)  Last week my son happened to look at my legs as they were propped up on the recliner and stated, “Oh, that’s unfortunate.”  To which I responded, after checking out his unshaven face, “I’ll shave my legs as soon as you shave your face.”  He agreed.

Me and my big mouth.

After a very short moment of thankfulness on my part, he let me know that he is also participating in ‘No Shave November’,  (I’m fairly certain he started in September or October as well.) and commented that I probably wouldn’t want to be wearing a skirt or dress anytime soon.  :/

Well, at least my legs will be warm this winter…

Just call me Hippy Chic. 😉



6 thoughts on “Hair Challenges (Oh, be careful little mouths what you say.)

  1. I taught my husband how to cut my hair about 13 years ago…saves a lot of money!
    I hope to have warm legs this winter also.. 🙂

  2. Your sanity…oh..there is so much I could say, sister….so very much.

    But I’ll refrain. Are you not coloring your hair either????

    I haven’t shaved my legs since LAST (2013) May. My hair is so fine I really don’t need to….

  3. I do allow myself the luxury of a hair cut. Since my trusted beautician lives so far away (in Dennison) I have started going to Great Clips. Your mother threatened me within an inch of my life if I tried to cut it on my own again. Jarrod goes there too. I have started doing a little to much tugging and snipping in the wrong places (like his ears and jabbing his neck). These old hands aren’t as steady as they used to be. I too am proud of my silver strands. I earned every one of them !

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