So, this week Tim and I had to go in for a life insurance ‘physical’.  Our life insurance company just had us go to our local clinic, where we doctor, to have this done.

Honestly, it was a blessing in disguise.

We had to have our weight and blood pressure checked.

Even though we could both stand to lose a few pounds (one of us a few more than the other), I wasn’t too worried. Especially since hubby has already lost some.

I about fell over, though, when our blood pressures were checked. Since it was the afternoon, and we had already experienced several very stressful situations, we asked if we could come in the morning and have it rechecked. Although hubby’s has run high before, mine has always been normal to low. This time is wasn’t low.

We went in the next morning, and both of ours had gone up. Argh!

The nurse and PA had talked after we left the first day, and decided that hubby needed to come in for a regular exam soon to be put on blood pressure meds. He was warned that if it continued at this level he would possibly be on dialysis in 20 years. She advised us that losing a bit of weight would significantly help. Oh, and no caffeine. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Seriously, I do eat very healthy. The only thing I indulge in that I really shouldn’t is caffeine and dairy. SHE WANTS TO TAKE AWAY THE CAFFEINE, PEOPLE!!!! Did I mention, WAAAAAAAAAAA! Can’t I at least have one vice????? ***kicking, screaming, crying***

Okay, enough of the whining and fit throwing.

The blessing: Hubby would have NEVER gone to the doctor if he wasn’t forced from the insurance company. We would not have discovered the extent of his high blood pressure. Or discovered mine was not at a healthy level.

Here is the other blessing: our physicians assistant is wonderful. I refuse to see the doctor she works under because he’s an arrogant pain (I really am being very gracious here), but his assistant is a God-send. She remembered seeing hubby from that last time he was in for a possible broken bone, which was 2011, and remembered that his blood pressure had been high then, even without looking at his chart. She was kind and gentle, and even had the nurse call after our second check to give us some more helpful advice before hubby goes back in for his visit.

Please pray for hubby.  I’m not sure if he realizes, but he is going to have to kick his soda habit, and stop eating the breakfast burritos from our local gas station/deli. Oh, and the snack cakes he hides in his office that he doesn’t think I know about have to go as well.  We also need to find some form of regular exercise that we can encourage each other and do together.

And we might need some accountability…

P.S. Getting older stinks. 😛

P.P.S. My husband may wish to throttle me for telling on him giving out this info. 😉



8 thoughts on “Waaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I was probably in my late fifties or early sixties when I went on BP meds. Welcome to the beginning of the upward hill climb. There are some rough steps on that climb but it’s better than going downhill 🙂

  2. I’ve been on high blood pressure meds for over a year now…well…not since June when our insurance ran out…but it does help.

    I have noticed that now that I have no meds I get dizzy A LOT and ever so often my heart does this funky flippy floppy thing.

    January can’t get here soon enough.

    PS. I can drink coffee neener..neener…neener

  3. I would like to find the person that named my age group “The Golden Years” and string him up !!! Am glad this was caught now. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Do I sound philosophical ? Love you guys. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving. We will miss you all bunches.

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