This Friday we are having a community Christmas concert at our church. We are having it in the Family Life Center.

This is a joint venture between our praise team/band and a Gospel music singer named Steve Desmond. He’s a great guy and a great singer. 🙂

Here is our praise team, plus a member.


Someone mentioned that we looked like we were from Duck Dynasty. Yep, pretty much. 😀

The gentleman in the gray sweat shirt beside Joel is not on the praise team, but is the man who taught Joel how to play drums. He is a fantastic drummer and was self-taught.  He owns a very nice drum set, but it is way too loud to play in our church building (unless we had a drum cage), which is one of the reasons we are having the concert at the FLC. He will be playing on all but one of our songs. Joel has an electronic set, which can be controlled through the sound system and blended in with the other instruments.  Joel will be playing my bass, except for one song that he will be drumming, and I will play the keyboard and bell kit. This will be so much fun! Shan, of course, will be playing her guitar. She will also be singing a duet with the guy in the camo shirt. They are going to be singing this song:

We are shortening it a bit.

We are also having a funeral on Friday.  I feel bad for Tim because I won’t be there to help. I have to work Friday and will come speeding in just in time for the concert. There was no way I could get off work, as my co-worker has two doctor appointments that day, and I will be by myself most of the day. Tim and I are usually both involved with the funeral services. I feel like I’m being negligent. :/


Well, I’m off!  The kids and I have an eye doctor appointment, and I need to pick up supplies for the funeral and concert.






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