Grocery Shopping

I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Sometimes I love it. I love the challenge of shopping and keeping everything under budget. I love searching for, and getting good deals. I like seeing the numbers on the register decrease when the cashier is scanning in my coupons – while praying the final total is under, or at least the same amount of cash I have in my ‘grocery’ envelope. I love people watching and talking with others as they shop, and visiting with people I know.

Sometimes I hate it. Okay, hate really is too strong a word here.

Sometimes I dislike it. (better?)

Today is one of those ‘dislike’ days. I’m still not feeling 100% and lack energy, so today I dislike the fact that I have to travel a half hour to get to the grocery store. Actually, I’m disliking the fact that I need to get up, get a shower (sounds completely exhausting!), and get dressed to go to the store, but I’m thinking everyone would appreciate it. That, and the fact I don’t wish to be featured as one of those *People of Wal-Mart*.   😛  I also dislike trying to figure out how to get everything we need, going through the grocery list and eliminating items, and figuring out how to be creative on a budget when my head is already in pain and spinning. (I usually enjoy that challenge.)

But alas, the pantry is bare and the refrigerator is empty. Well, not completely: there is 1/4 bag of baby carrots, a jar of apple butter, pear butter, dandelion jelly, and some mayo in there, but that is all. Oh, and some dying lettuce. And for some reason, my family thinks they might like to eat – and baby carrots dipped in dandelion jelly isn’t quite what they had in mind. 😉

I think I will drag my son along with me. Or maybe he will be dragging me along with him. I can give him the list and then sit down on a bench along with the old men who are not-so-patiently waiting for their wives to finish shopping.

That’s it, my son can do the shopping. His future wife will appreciate me for it. 😀


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