An Answer to prayer…. What I am doing

Sorry, I think my ‘tomorrow’ was a few days ago. What I am doing is keeping me rather busy this week. 😉

Last week we received a huge answer to prayer: my job at the Christian book store has become permanent.

Thank you, Lord!

I have been working more hours this week, and will work everyday next week except Christmas day. I will also be working quite a bit in January when the owner is on vacation. I am very thankful and blessed. I enjoy working at the bookstore. Not only is it a source of income, but it is also another ministry opportunity.

Of course, along with this comes the necessity of reorganizing my schedule and taking some other things off my plate. I have never been – and will never be – a ‘super woman’. And quite frankly, I don’t think God wants me to be one. I believe many times (And I’m so very guilty of this) we think we have to do everything and be constantly busy to be a ‘good’ person or a ‘good’ Christian.  Many times God doesn’t want our activity, he wants us to be still and know that He is God.

At any rate, hubby and I discussed my schedule, and were in agreement of what to keep and what to take off my plate.

Currently, I put in about 20-30 hours per week doing ministry at/for/with the church.  It would be impossible to keep up that schedule, work at the bookstore, homeschool my kids, keep my house together, and keep my sanity. Well, okay, my sanity went out the window years ago, but you know what I mean. 😉

So, here is what we have agreed upon:

1. I will no longer be the church secretary. Actually, Tim shares in this job, but I will no longer be able to. The church will need to hire someone to run bulletins and a few other minor secretarial duties.

2. I will no longer be able to teach JAM on Wednesday nights. Please pray that we find a teacher for this position. I teach 5th and 6th graders – that is such a difficult age to be, and the next teacher needs to be very firm, but have patience, understanding, and not be afraid to address difficult topics.

3. I will not be able to do as much visitation. I’ve tried, and it just doesn’t work.  This past Thursday I got up at my normal 3:30 a.m., cleaned and did some laundry, worked all day, got off and went straight to the church to meet someone there, after our talk was over I went up to the nursing home to visit someone. By that time my brain was done. Finito. Fortunately, the woman I was visiting understood, and we laughed a lot together. I then went back to the church and ran bulletins for Sunday and waited to lock up from men’s Bible study. At least I was able to provide ‘entertainment’ for some people with my fried brain. 😀

4. This next semester my children will be gone all day on Monday with basketball practice, so I will move my counseling appointments to Mondays only. I have women’s Bible study that night, so I will be able to devote most of my Mondays to the church.  Tuesday – Saturday will be devoted to homeschooling and work. Unless, of course, I will be needed to work on Monday – which shouldn’t happen too often.

5. I will still continue as Worship Director.

6. I will still continue to preach occasionally. Well, it may be a bit more.  Since I am working, Tim will be taking the kids to all of their basketball games. There have been times that we have had to stay over where we have the games due to bad weather, and I think a few of the games are in Iowa, so they would not be able to be back in time for church from those games.

7. I will continue to work on boundary setting and saying the word “no”  when necessary. 🙂  I could use prayers on that one as well.


Well, I must be off to work. Have a blessed day, everyone!



4 thoughts on “An Answer to prayer…. What I am doing

  1. So happy to hear your job is more time. It is a great ministry. You get to deal with people you might never encounter otherwise. It could lead to the growth of your church and God’s kingdom. I know how difficult it is to say “no”. I have been doing it a lot lately (due to my physical impairments). God will reward you in so many ways in what you are doing. Stick to your guns !! I love you and will be praying for the whole family. Aunt Cindy

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