My cats love Christmas

I was going to post about how ornery and naughty my animals have been, and they have been very bad these last few days, but I decided to post some pictures of the cats enjoying their Christmas surroundings.


This is an electric fireplace. I promise her little tail isn’t getting too warm.


She also has her own little spot under the tree. We even left a path for her to get there. I’m thankful that she has decided to sleep under the tree rather than destroying it.


All three cats have visited baby Jesus.

And two of my cats have


knocked over five plants on three different occasions.

Oh wait, I wasn’t going to post about their orneriness…

I’m not even going to post about my dog. She’s really on my naughty list. But would someone please explain to me why my dog needs to wake me up every one and a half hours every. single. night. to go potty, but can hold it all day long while I’m gone? And why do dogs have a driving urge to eat out of the litter box and then proceed to make a huge mess out of what is left?  I seriously need to get a baby gate for our laundry room. Sigh…

Oh, yeah, I wasn’t going to post about the orneriness.

I think I need to go get some coffee. And yes, I know, I’m not supposed to.


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