Oh, the weather outside is frightful….

It’s a whoppin’ 2 degrees outside this morning with a wind chill of -12.  Tonight it is supposed to get down to -15, and my bones won’t even let me think about what the wind chill will be. :/

We have received some very pretty snow, though.  And I’m sure my dear sis just can’t wait to see these pictures. So, without further ado:



Most of the snow we received yesterday,


but it is still lightly snowing.

Inside, it is delightful. 🙂

Especially with one of our Christmas gifts.


Now Tim can keep his little one in his office at the church. His office has no heat source without his little electric fireplace. I’m thankful today is his day off. I’m not sure even his fireplace could keep his office tolerable.

Last night, Grandma and the grandkids play a rousing game of Monopoly,


while Butterscotch monopolized the game box.


I have noticed since his reappearance in our life, he has become much more sociable.

And a smidge more ornery…. maybe stubborn would be a better word.

I think Hubby, Grandma, and the kids are going to try to leave back for Missouri tomorrow. Hopefully the roads will be cleared by then.



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