Monday, the kids and I were having a discussion on distractions and school work.

I asked the kids, “What do you think your biggest distraction may be?”

As the words were leaving my mouth, distraction numero uno hopped onto the scene.


and stuck around.

Regardless of her distractibility, we were able to power through and accomplish quite a bit that morning. 🙂


and afternoon…

and evening.


I will be so thankful when February arrives.  They will only be going to basketball practice one day a week, and my hours at work will drop back down to me only working 2-3 days a week at the bookstore.

Well, I must be off so that I don’t allow this computer to be my biggest distraction for the day.  I need to leave early for work and drop my car off at the shop. It needs some servicing and the muffler reattached to the rest of the exhaust system.  Then either Tim or Joel will take me on into work.  It will probably be Tim. I was up at 1:30 this morning letting the dog out, and Joel was still up. Not quite sure why, and I was too tired to ask. I just hope he’s still feeling okay.


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