Thankful through the rain.

You know those times in life that you have those “when it rains it pours” types of days… weeks… months?

Yeah, well, we are in the midst of one (I’m praying it just falls into the ‘weeks’ category 🙂 It’s gone beyond the ‘days’.).

*Some* of you will remember last week when I *may* have called you mild panic to see if you could figure out what was wrong with my car. The kids had taken it to Hastings (2 1/2 hours away) to go to basketball practice. A service light came on and they were concerned and unsure of what to do.  Thanks to my wonderful sister, I found out that the issue was there was only 10% oil life left in the car.  It is unsettling to have something go wrong when you can’t get to the situation. Fortunately, the kids were fine. We dropped a quart of oil in, and I made an appointment to have the car serviced for the following week. The kids drove the car until there was only 5% left, and then we had them take the truck to practice.

Last week Tim noticed that there was fresh looking oil on the ground, and he was certain my car was leaking.


I took my car into the shop yesterday, and it was at -14% oil life. 😀  Monty, my mechanic, may have made a comment about that…

I had also asked him to see what he could do about the muffler and the wiper motor.  My wipers have a mind of their own, and I usually have to turn them on high to turn them off. He said he would check it out and let me know.

I don’t usually keep my phone on me at work (it’s kind of frowned upon), however I was given permission as we had a person in our church in the hospital with a possible surgery, and there was another possible ministry crisis going on. I also needed to hear from Mr. Mechanic.  Late afternoon hubby called to report that his truck was having issues, a service light had come on, and his oil pressure was extremely low. He dumped 2 quarts of oil in and it was still low. I suggested he head on over to the mechanic and make an appointment for his ‘baby’ and see about the progress of my car. Right after I got off the phone with him, the mechanic called to let me know my car was done. I told him what was going on with the truck, and let him know Tim was on his way.

Come to find out, by the time Tim got to the mechanic (11 miles away from home), the oil he put in the truck was gone. Monty was amazed. He said there was no way it should have made it there. He said that once that particular service light comes on the vehicle has maybe 3-4 miles and then it seizes. His motor should have been toast.  He traveled about 20 miles with it being that way. Of course, Mr. Mechanic wouldn’t let hubby leave with his truck.

On top of all of the vehicle woes, in the span of two weeks we will have had to go to 4 medical appointments, the kids have two basketball games – one is a two-day tourney in Omaha, which will require a hotel room, and I just found out that our new life insurance finished the underwriting process and we were rated a bit higher. One of us a bit higher than the other, so our life insurance premium – which also comes out this week – is almost twice as high as we were planning.

Our bank account is bleeding out faster than the oil in Tim’s truck. :/

That being said, there is much to be thankful for in this.

1. The kids took hubby’s truck all the way to Hastings on Thursday. That’s a 5 hour round trip. The truck should not have made it. Yesterday, Tim took me to work, went home, and then made it back to the mechanic’s place. The engine should not be working. I know God protected both the engine and my children, and I am ever so thankful!

2. Because my boss is on vacation, I am working full-time this week and next. That means a larger paycheck, which should cover some/most of these extra expenses. At least I’m praying. I have no idea what is wrong with Tim’s truck, or how much it will cost.

3. The basketball game today, while out-of-state, is fairly close, which means we will be able to survive with only one vehicle. Hubby will drop me off at work early, go to the game, and then be able to pick me up sometime this evening.

4. My car wasn’t leaking oil! Yay!  And Mr. Mechanic tacked my muffler onto the exhaust system to save us some $$$ and help us hold off on replacing the muffler for a while. The wiper motor will need to be replaced, but that can also wait.

In all things, God is faithful to those who trust in Him.

Standing on that, I would appreciate your prayers today. As I mentioned, my boss is on vacation – in another country.  My co-worker is on a weekend trip with her hubby for some much-needed couple time, and the woman who comes in occasionally to help when needed is in the midst of a family crisis. So I will be by myself today with no one to cover lunch. That really isn’t a problem, and I don’t mind. The issue is that I am fighting a migraine. I have already taken the full amount of meds I am allowed to take for it today. I can at least function and see now. However, the pain is still hanging on, and I need to be able to helpful, cheerful, and get a lot of work done today. Please pray that the pain goes away so I can do my job well.

Now, if only Joltin’ Joes would deliver…  😉




6 thoughts on “Thankful through the rain.

  1. I have a headache blend in a roller ball…I wonder if you have all the oils for it…30 drops Peppermint, 30 drops Lavender, 10 drops Frankincense, 10 drops Wintergreen, 10 drops Birch bark. Top off with carrier oil. It works…well….Do you have any of these???

    PS…is anyone in your church family willing to help you out?

    1. Actually, what really helped today was putting peppermint oil on a facial tissue that was infused with Vicks Vapor rub and eating chocolate covered coffee beans. Interesting combo, but it worked. 🙂
      Hopefully someone in the church will help me out. I am going to ask in church if someone can take me home from work on Tuesday. Tim’s truck will still be in the shop, and the kids will have my car in Hastings.

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