More answers to prayer.

Every morning at work before we open the doors, we pray. We pray for the people who will be coming into the store. We pray that we will be a light and be able to minister for God. And we pray for personal requests that we may have. If we’ve had a bad morning before we’ve arrived, we pray that our attitudes and thoughts will be brought in alignment with God. Some days we desperately pray for clarity of mind and focus; my co-worker is pregnant and I’m peri-menopausal (quite the hilarious combo on some days 😉 ), and at times we are convinced that our brains have been kidnapped. 😀  This conviction is usually followed by a Joltin’ Joe’s run. Just sayin’.

Yesterday, my coworker asked how things were going with hubby’s truck. She was at work when he picked me up on Friday and explained what had happened. I told her that it was being worked on this week, and we were just praying that it would turn out well. When she prayed, she prayed that there would be nothing permanently wrong and it would not be an expensive fix.

The appointment for Tim’s truck was set for Wednesday.

I received a call yesterday from Mr. Mechanic around 5:00 p.m. that the truck was fixed and ready to go. He explained that something had flown up and hit the oil filter, putting a hole in it. He wanted to know if hubby wanted to pick it up that night, and if so he would leave the keys in it. I said that would be great and I would send Tim in the next day to pay for the work.

His response: “It’s already taken care of.”


Tim called as soon as I got off the phone with Mr. Mechanic, and I asked him if he had already paid for the truck repair. He said no, and then I explained what had just happened.

Then I ran out to tell my co-worker that God had, indeed, answered her prayer.

What a huge blessing!

I don’t know who ‘took care of it’, but I am praying abundant blessings on that person’s life.

There are several reasons, besides the obvious, why this was a blessing. I will try to explain tomorrow.

Right now I need to get ready for work. If I leave early enough, I can go to Joltin’ Joe’s and get my co-worker an iced coffee to help her  cravings  clarity. 😉


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