Oh, the conversations we have….

Today, as we were sitting, resting, and watching tv, we had a conversation and decided to cover some history and science.

Our history lesson  conversation  was about Jim Jones and Charles Manson.

Our local Funeral Home director just happens to have the name Jim Jones. That’s unfortunate and hilarious at the same time. I had to explain why to my kiddos.  But then, hubby and I have a pastor friend whose name is also Jim Jones. I think that one is even more interesting/unfortunate/awkward/humorous. (Pick your adjective. I couldn’t quite decide which one.)

The conversation then went on to Charles Manson, but I didn’t discuss that as long as I still have vivid images in my head of the carnage he left behind.


Just moments after our discussion on mass murderers, we went onto science. Our science conversation:  I was informed that if a person eats honey buns they will live 10 years longer due to the preservatives in them.  My theory is that a person won’t live longer, in fact that person will probably die sooner, but their bodies will be preserved longer.

Morbid conversations, I know.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a video. This one is hilarious! You really must watch to the end. This is a video of adults acting out Bible stories as their children tell them.






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