Workers in the same vineyard, countries apart.

Sometimes God just completely amazes me.

This morning I was on Facebook, and a pastor from Ghana instant messaged me. Now, I’ve never met this man in person, however we have a mutual friend, and I have supported our mutual friend in the ministry that she does with his church once a year. This year our friend is going over to start a sewing center for women to provide income for their families. They also provide a feeding ministry and are building a ministry center in the middle of a Muslim community. Please pray for them. They are reaching the community. Last year my friend had a Muslim woman come to her to pray to Jesus for healing for her mother.

Anyway, this pastor messaged me and said, “Hello Mummy, how are you doing in the Lord?” We chatted a bit and he then asked me for a specific prayer request so he could intercede on my behalf. I knew that God had placed me on his heart to pray.

I explained our housing need, and the lack of faith that some in church leadership have that God is always faithful and will provide. (Actually, the lack of faith distresses me so much more than the housing situation.)

This was his response: “I’m glad to share in your challenges. I promise to pray for you, trusting God for his sovereign power & will to prevail. We are partners in the same vineyard. Let’s trust God.”

‘We are partners in the same vineyard…’  That really jumped out at me.

We are partners in the same vineyard, we are just working thousands of miles apart. How wonderful that we can share in each others challenges and pray for each other, knowing and standing on the awesome power and faithfulness of God to complete his work. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Workers in the same vineyard, countries apart.

  1. I like that “partners in the same vineyard”. God truly must have put you on this man’s heart. He does things like that !!!We are still praying about your situation. Love you.

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