What I found out yesterday – what I find out tomorrow – what I see everyday…

Yesterday I found out that I don’t have arms and pits of steel.  😦   In fact I have tweaked/pulled something in my rotator cuff, which makes using crutches quite painful. My chiro is working on it, but has instructed me to rest it (yeah, right) and ice it for three days, and come back.  Today my boss is bringing in a walker so I can use that around the store instead of crutches, so I am hoping that will help ‘rest’ my shoulder.

I received a call yesterday morning from the doctor’s office reminding me of my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday. I thanked her for the reminder and confirmed.  An hour later she called back.  The radiology tech just happened to be reading the radiology notes on my chart and noticed that the doctor wants x-rays of both knees before he sees me. So I need to go in 45 minutes before hand to have this done. This is to see the extent of the problems with my bone structure so they can see what measures need to be taken. I already know the extent of the problems, so tomorrow’s visit should be entertaining. 😉  But at least I will find out what measures need to be taken. Not that they necessarily will be taken, but the information will be good.

Now, what do I see everyday? Everyday I see what a wonderful husband God has given me. I am an extremely blessed woman! I know I’ve mentioned this before, but everyday I see his great care for both myself and the kids. He is always looking out for our interests, is so very caring, helpful, will to work hard and do anything that needs to be done – including laundry and dishes, even when he doesn’t want to. He is humorous and ornery and encouraging all at the same time, and I know he loves me very much. *Sigh* I’m so blessed.  And I have to be honest that if I hadn’t had the great example my father gave me as what a husband should look like, I probably wouldn’t be as blessed as I am now. So I am also very thankful for my father. I love you, Daddy!  


3 thoughts on “What I found out yesterday – what I find out tomorrow – what I see everyday…

  1. You had a great example in your dad. He is just wonderful. He is so fortunate to have married into our family. lol Keep us posted on your condition. Have a good day.

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