Would appreciate prayers

Please pray for my daughter this week. We have to be out of the rental house by Sunday, and I am still on crutches. I am unable to help pack too much as I am supposed to still be non weight-bearing. I also have to work, so I can’t even be home to help direct. Most of the packing of the house is falling on Shan’s shoulders. She’s done quite a bit, but when packing a house up, it always feels like you are never getting enough done.  It’s a huge job, and I know she is feeling overwhelmed. I have someone coming this afternoon to help my daughter pack and someone coming tomorrow. Please pray that these helpers are organized, know how to pack, and can get most of it done.

This morning Jorge and I are taking all three cats to the vet to get their immunizations. Then he is taking me on into work. This ought to be an interesting trip. We have never had all three cats at the vet at the same time. Hubby had to go buy another cat carrier yesterday. I wish hubby could take the cats in, but he has to head off in another direction. I’m sure my son will do fine, and I’m equally sure the ride home from the vet will be humorous. 🙂

I have some news to share with you all, but I need to go wake Jorge. We have an hour and fifteen minutes to get up (I’m up, but Mr. Sunshine isn’t, and we all know how fast he gets up….), get our showers, and wrangle three cats. I’m not even sure how many are inside right now.

Thank you for your prayers!


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