Well, we finally got out of the rental house.  I didn’t help that much, and some ‘one’ else didn’t make it any easier for the rest to get things packed.


Someone got really cozy while we were trying to move the bedroom furniture.



We even rocked the box spring back and forth, but she wouldn’t budge.

We did finally get the bedroom emptied and she moved to a new location…. out-of-the-way. Finally!


The rest of the zoo didn’t give us too many problems during packing.

Right now we are staying back out at the hunting lodge, and will be there until the end of April.

Stay tuned… tomorrow(ish) I will tell you where we will be going after that. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Moving

  1. You just take one day at a time ,right ? Glad you got moved. Tell me what a J brace is. Is that what you have for your knees ?

    1. A J Brace is a cloth type brace with a J shape around the patella, it has two straps that goes over to the other side of the brace that keeps the patella in traction and keeps it in place. I have one for each knee. They really do keep things in place.

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