Last week a pretty nasty hail storm hit the town where my mother-in-law lives.

I started seeing pictures on Facebook from some friends of mine who live down the block from our house there…


And then I started seeing some really good pictures of the storm that hit.




I decided to call our insurance company to send an adjuster out to check out the roof of our house. The agent said that if they sent out an adjuster they would have to open a case, and it would be a point against us.

Hmmmm, why have insurance if you get punished for using it? Seriously! I could understand something counting against us if we had been in an accident and it had been our fault, but an ‘act of God’? Grrrr.

Anyway, we had a friend of ours stop by and check out the roof. Sure enough, there is some damage. We will be calling our insurance company back and ‘opening a case’.


5 thoughts on “Storms…

    1. She does. That is the house I was talking about. I just spoke with insurance today and they will be going out to look at the house sometime this week and next week.

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