Our House

Okay, Daddy, here are some pictures of the house.

The outside…. I want to buy some ferns to hang from the porch. šŸ™‚


I don’t have too many pictures of the inside yet.

We are painting the inside as it has been a while since the rooms have been painted, and they definitely need some ‘refreshing’.


This is my daughter’s friend helping clean the trim in my son’s room.

I didn’t get a ‘before’ pic of my daughter’s room, but here is an after. We just finished painting it about two hours ago, so the furniture isn’t set up yet.


She decided to have a blue accent wall. She could have had orange (those were the two colors of paint we had available) but JorgeĀ decidedĀ to take the orange as it matches hisĀ comforter.

The kids will be painting his room this afternoon as I prepare the dining room for paint. The ‘formal’ dining room will be our school room, and we have a nice kitchen nook where we will be eating. I will try to post pics as I get to the rooms. This is the largest house we’ve ever lived in. The floors in all of the main living areas are tile, which is nice with the sandy soil.

In other (sad) news…

I think we will be losing our dog soon. She is having a lot of issues, and has started to have something like seizures or strokes. She will start wheezing and then get very unbalanced and sometimes jerky, and then just fall over. She will just lay there sprawled out for a while, then shake her head like she’s coming to and go on like nothing happened. Well, sort of. She has lost weight,Ā isn’t eating much,Ā and just doesn’t look completely healthy. She is also now unable to control her bladder… another reason to be thankful for tile floors. I took her to the vet the day after we arrived at our friend’s house before I knew about her episodes. She is also in a lot of pain. When we touch her close to the neck area she bites us, which is very out of character for her. If she gets too bad, we will help her go on to greener pastures. I can’t see makingĀ her suffer.




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