That was close!

Monday morning the kids and I were standing in the kitchen deciding whether or not to paint first and then take showers and go into town, or get our showers, go to town and then paint. In the middle of the conversation, lightning struck the tree next to the house. It was loud and scary!





We decided to forego the showers for that morning as lightning was still flying.

There were numerous lights that were no longer working, so I realized I needed to scout around and see what else was not functioning properly.

The lightning strike kicked out several breakers, busted most of the curly q type bulbs in the house, it fried our internet modem, and it took out our phone line. Oh, and it fried my Cuisinart Coffee pot. 😦

Fortunately, we were able to get the internet company and phone company out right away, and now both are working just fine.

I replaced the mercury-laden curly q bulbs with standard light bulbs. I don’t like the curly q bulbs.

My coffee pot, well, I don’t think it will work again.

We are slowly getting things done at the house. Yesterday I finished – except for the windows – painting the school room. Today we should be able to get it together and get the kids back on a school schedule. I think that will be of great benefit!

I had wanted to get the house completely painted by the end of this week, but God has told me to rest a little bit, so I don’t think that will happen.

Max is doing better, but her nick-name is still ‘Puddles’, I’m sure you can figure out why. She is back to begging for tummy-yummies and human food, and she is walking a bit more steadily. I don’t think her energy will ever be what it was, but then I read a chart in the vet’s office, and she is 83 in human years.

Tickles has decided to take up a new bed…


in my daughter’s clean laundry tote. I’m not sure what to do to discourage that, but I refuse to keep rewashing clothes that I just washed. I would get him one of his own, but I’m sure he would still pick the laundry totes – cats just tend to be that way. 😀

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post pictures of a completed room.


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