More of Galveston

Sorry I didn’t post ‘day two’ right away.  When we got home I had to talk to our ISP because we had no internet service, which resulted in a lengthy and frustrating conversation.  I will tell you about it later. Did I mention it’s frustrating?!?

Okay, well, back to Galveston…

The kids and I went on a harbor tour. It lasted about an hour and was quite fun.


We were able to see the ‘sunken’ ship.

SAM_0414 SAM_0418 SAM_0419

This ship was sunk on the sand bar on purpose. It was made of concrete during one of the World Wars because metal had become scarce. It actually put in several years of service before it was ship wrecked and brought into Galveston Harbor to be repaired. Repairs were never made, and it is now a sight-seeing opportunity.  The captain of our tour said that for a while a hermit lived on the ship with a goat and some chickens. My question is how did he get the goat and chickens aboard, and how did he feed them?

We also went to the beach a couple of times. We didn’t go swimming, but did stick our feet and legs in. 🙂



We also did quite a bit of browsing/shopping on the Strand. I don’t have those pictures uploaded yet.

One of the places we visited several times was La King’s Confectionary.  We called it the ‘Confessionary’, because we really needed to ‘confess’ after visiting. 😉  They had yummy chocolates and truffles… not that I’m confessing or anything. 😀

We had such a great time together!  My daughter said that hubby and I really needed to go back alone and enjoy it – just the two of us. I’m all for that!  And we may get the opportunity.  Next month we are taking our intern to Houston Hobby Airport to fly back to college. That just happens to be very close to Galveston, and his flight just happens to be in the evening, so we might just happen to spend the night on the island. 😉


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