I don’t like scorpions. Well, they do provide some benefits, however I can provide the same with my shoe or bug spray, so they can just go away!

Last week we had three in the house within an 18 hour period. We’ve had others in the house, but not in that large of number in that short of time.

Last Tuesday, Hubby and I had taken the intern to the airport in Houston, and the kids stayed home to do school. The airport is on the south side of Houston, and after deciding we didn’t wish to go back through the city during rush-hour traffic, we headed south to Galveston. We actually went out on a date!!! We had an early supper, went to one of our favorite shops on the beach, and walked the beach for a while. Then we took the ferry over to Bolivar Peninsula and went home the long way. It was nice.

We arrived back home around 10:00 p.m. to find my son still up, but my daughter in bed. He said he had gone to the linen closet to get a blanket, but ran into a scorpion instead. Needless to say, he didn’t pull a blanket out. He did kill the pesky thing (he’s becoming quite proficient at that), but didn’t want to press his luck to find any more. While he was explaining all of this to us, I went out into the kitchen to grab a drink, and came back into the living room. Less than a minute after I came back, Hubby went out and killed another scorpion where I had just been walking – barefoot, mind you – in the kitchen. I’m not sure any of us were able to get much sleep that night. In the morning, my son killed another one by my desk in the school room.

I’m thinking that maybe we ought to install black lights as night lights. At least then I could see them in the middle of the night when I get up to let the dog out…

Fortunately, these are not the huge, mean scorpions that are in some parts of the country.

My son has been saving some of them in hopes to ‘preserve’ one.  The one he killed in his bedroom had a broken tail before it died, so I don’t think it meets the criteria. 😛

But the one he killed the other night does.  Now to find something to preserve it in so these creatures can be removed from his bookshelf in the school room.


I guess it would be classified as science.  😉

Speaking of non-human, living creatures…

Our zoo may be expanding a bit in a few months.  Stay tuned for further information.


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