I know, I know…

It has been half of forever since I have posted.

Life has, of course, been very busy – some with fun activities, and some with just life and work.

I will start with the fun stuff. 🙂

The end of last month our family went on a cruise with my parents, aunt, sister, and friends.


It was soooooooo much fun. In fact, my husband – Mr. I don’t want to go on a ship – wants to take a longer cruise next time on a larger ship.   I knew he would have a good time.

The cruise line upgraded us to the Royal Family Suite because someone needed our rooms.

I think we are spoiled now. 😉
SAM_0830 SAM_0831 SAM_0833 SAM_0834 SAM_0835

We went to Coco Cay and enjoyed shopping and the beach there.



We also went to Nassau. We did a little bit of shopping, but my favorite place to go in Nassau is Christ Church.


SAM_0859 SAM_0861

SAM_0862 SAM_0865


It is beautiful!

I will purpose to write a post later this week to fill you all in on what we have been doing since we got back from the cruise and why.

Maybe some day this week I will go into the church so I can have good internet connection and be able to spend some more time on this. 😉

Have a great day!!!



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