Life and Work

Most of you know that we came to Texas to help run a youth camp and be the caretakers of the camp. We were supposed to be running a day camp, but soon after the position was given, the day camp taken off the table. Which was fine because taking care of the camp is more than a 40 hr. a week proposition. In fact, when we first arrived it took about 80 hours per week.   Our ‘contract’ then became a summer position. During the summer the camp board decided to put the camp up for sale. They extended our contract to end December 31st, and the camp will be officially closing then. So, on December 31st we will be without job and home.  Although we still have some groups coming in through December, we are working on doing everything that needs to be done to get the camp ready for sale and closure.

To some, that may be discouraging, however we know we were brought here for a purpose and are completely at peace. We have had three churches contact us about coming on as staff, and we are praying about them. Well, we are praying about two of them. God said no immediately to one of them. 🙂

On a sad note, we will probably be putting our dog down this next week. Her dementia has gotten worse and so has her snapping at people and the cats. Yesterday, I walked into the kitchen and she snapped (tried to bite) at me because I had walked toward hubby while he was holding some food she was hoping would drop to the floor. She is also in pain much of the time, and if she is hurting bad and we try to pet her she will also bite at us. It’s time. I think the kiddos will be spending next week at their friends’ house, and my daughter has requested that I get this done while they are gone.  Please pray for us, as this will not be easy. We’ve had her for quite some time.

In other trivial news…

My husband just realized yesterday that my hair is turning gray  white  silver. Yes, it is silver because it sparkles. 😉 Or maybe it’s white with glitter. 😀

He pulled a stray hair off my shirt yesterday. As he was throwing it away he kind of gasped, “Hey this is white!”  “No, it’s silver.” I told him. “It sparkles.”  Then he took a close look at the hairs that are attached to my head. “Wow, I didn’t realize! Look at your hair!”  Yes, dear…. I know.  My son put it much more gracefully and told hubby, “She’s showing her wisdom and experience.”  (Great save, son. Great save.)


4 thoughts on “Life and Work

      1. I don’t know. Well, Max snaps at all of us already. We did have neighbors come by, and I warned them. They had had a dog in the same situation, so they understood, but I am concerned that as her dementia and confusion gets worse, so will her reasoning for biting/snapping at people. Just pray that God gives us both wisdom.

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