What’s new…

We have some new pets.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you these were coming. 😀


Our new ratties: Smokey and Bandit.  They are so adorable!  Although I don’t think my sister agrees. 😉

This past Saturday we had a Trunk & Treat at our church.  We included a concert.  It was an all youth concert.


I wish I had a better picture that included all of the kids while they were playing that night.

Some of us (in my immediate and annexed family –  hubby calls our kids’ friends annexed son and daughter because they stay with us every weekend.) were dressed up. Well, my son, my hubby and myself…


My son dressed up as a drummer.  He played drums for half of the concert and bass the other half.

Hubby, of course, was clowning around.


I dressed up as a baseball player, but I don’t have a picture yet.

There were many families that came through, and everyone had a great time.

I have a job interview today. It’s actually the second interview. My first interview was on Thursday, and the job is for an administrative assistant at an insurance company.  They only need someone for 12-15 hours per week, which is perfect for me.  They are having a hard time finding someone who is interested in so few hours and qualified for the job.  Please pray that all goes well.

And for the final bit of news for today, I have been honored with the responsibility of becoming a godmother to this precious little girl.


She will be dedicated at our church in a few weeks.

I’m sure there are other bits of newness that I am missing, but I need to get some other things done.

Have a blessed day, Y’all.  🙂


5 thoughts on “What’s new…

  1. Jason told me a few years ago that rats make good pets. I told him ‘Okay”. He said they are very affectionate. I told him ” Okay” He told me they are even loyal. I told him ‘Okay. I just took his word for it.

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