Sadness and new starts…

Wednesday we had to put Max down.  It was very difficult, but it was the best thing for her. Her confusion/dementia, pain, and biting were getting too bad.  I miss her so much!

I do have some good news.  I got the job I had applied for at the insurance company.  I start on Monday the 16th, and am quite excited. It is only 12 hours a week, which gives me ample time to homeschool and continue working in ministry.

I am starting a new project.  A headboard for our non-existent bed. Yeah, I’m working on that as well. 😀

I am making it out of an old solid wood door that I purchased from the Habitat for Humanity Restore.


I am going to strip it, add some molding and trim to the top, and 4×4 posts with post caps to the sides. I found a beautiful piece of trim that would have cost $25 at a hardware store for only $1.80 at the Restore. I may either stain it or paint it a dark brown and distress it. I haven’t decided yet. What I have decided, however, is that I need some power tools.  My eyes spent well over $2000 at Lowe’s yesterday on a table saw, miter saw, circular saw, and a planer.  For *some* reason, hubby wouldn’t let me get what I wanted. 😉  I also want to put some tin in the panels and antique them, but haven’t been able to find the right size. I may just find some other type of embellishment. We shall see.

I will keep you posted on the project. Daddy, I might need to call you for some technical advice. 🙂

Now, why do we need one?  Well, when we were moving, one of the kids helping us load dropped our headboard and it broke. That was fine. When we moved in here, we just put the box spring and mattress on the floor. It wasn’t too bad, except that our mattress is so old that it had become quite painful to sleep on. Hubby and I would alternate from the bed to the couch so we could alternate which part of our backs were in pain. Then a friend of ours gave us twin mattresses that her kids no longer needed, which are fairly new and very comfortable. So, now we just have twin mattresses on the floor. The only nice thing about having just a mattress directly on the floor is that if you fall out of bed, you don’t have far to fall (ask me how I know…). But it is hard to get up off the floor every morning.  I found a king size platform bed frame at that I may get, or I could just get two twins and screw them together. I have found that I’m enjoying the extra space that a ‘king’ size bed gives.

Now, I’m off to get something done today.


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