I promise I haven’t died…

I’ve just been incredibly busy… and a little sick.  Whatever flu/cold virus that is going around came for a visit to our house and has hung around a while. Well, except for my son. Nothing hangs around him for long.  His immune system is amazing. 🙂

So, let me catch you up on the news around our house.

  1. Hubby and I are now the proud parents of two adults. I’m still convinced I’m not old enough for that, but I checked their birth certificate, and they are indeed 18. 😀  When they were two years old, I had many people tell me to cherish each moment with them because time flies by. They were right. I am very proud of the young adults they have become. They are godly, responsible, intelligent, and quite fun to be with. We have been greatly blessed!
  2. Hubby and I are now pastors at the Church of God in Nacogdoches, TX. Hubby’s focus is youth and outreach, and mine is counseling, visitation, and discipleship. I will soon be going through additional classes and training in counseling. At the end of this training, I will be accredited through the American Association of Christian Counselors.  I’m pretty excited about that.
  3. I love living in the south. I will be starting peas this weekend – outside. 🙂  My tomato and pepper plants are ready to start acclimating, and since I am container gardening, I will be sitting them out during the day, and if it would by some chance get down in the thirties at night, I will be able to bring them in.  Today it is going to get up into the 80’s. The windows are open, and we have a nice breeze going through the house. I will try to get pictures.  My phone is horrible – photos aren’t looking good.
  4. I have 4 months to become proficient at ASL. I am going to International Youth Convention as an ASL interpreter for one of our youth.  Pray for me.  I’ve been spending about 2-3 hours a day in study.  I’ve been taking lessons online from a deaf college professor.  I have found that it is better to learn from someone who is deaf rather than someone who is hearing.


Well, we need to get into town.  Have several errands.  And although I make no promises, I will try to start posting more often. Have a blessed day!


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