Catching Up

I know I haven’t been updating like I have wanted.  Have I mentioned our wondrous (insert sarcasm here) internet service? Yeah, it’s an issue. And I don’t always want to get up at 2 am to post.  I do occasionally like to sleep.  And since hubby now has a job as a hospice chaplain in another town, and needs to leave an hour early to get there, I need to be up at 5:00 am getting his breakfast ready and packing his lunch to have him out the door. So, by the time I’m done getting him out the door, it is time to get myself through the shower and get myself out the door for work. I work both as a part-time office manager for a life insurance company, and I am a pastor at a church. I can’t remember if I had mentioned that. Like I said, it’s been a while since I have updated. 🙂   We are also still living at the camp. The camp is closed and is for sale, but we are still providing security, mowing, and emergency maintenance.

I am beginning to think that our life could literally become the next sit com. Seriously. We could provide entertainment for the masses. Well, I’m not sure entertainment would be the word….

We’ve had a couple of interesting weeks. Actually, it’s been interesting since the middle of May. I had to spend a little time in the hospital. My doctor was concerned that I had meningitis, so he  sent me there for testing and I ended up spending the night (was NOT happy about that). The neurologist was able to put me on a daily medication that finally has the migraines under control. However, it took some time for my brain, body, and meds to work together in harmony.  I *may* have driven hubby’s truck whilst getting use to the meds and *may* have misjudged distance, and *may* have put a few scratches in his ‘baby’


After this, I decided that I would not put anyone’s life at danger, and for two weeks my son was my designated driver.  And no, Hubby was not mad. 🙂

Well, a couple of weeks ago I finally got driving privileges back. 😉  But life has been interesting, to say the least.  Have you ever had one of ‘those’ days? You know the ones… where everything goes wrong. Everything you say is wrong. Everything you touch drops out of your hands or goes flying of the counter and breaks. Yeah, that. Well, Two weeks ago I was having one of those weeks. I will make a very looooong story short:  I had cats throwing up all over (Seriously! I have the pukingest cats!),  we lost electricity for over 24 hours in 90+ degree weather, needing to spend the night in a motel and coming home to foul, soured laundry as a result, we had to replace all four brakes and a rear brake drum, which had almost completely rusted out.  Hubby’s truck had been on trip set, and I hadn’t seen the mileage.  It was 13,000 miles overdue for an oil change. 😦  Argh. On the same day that we had to replace the brakes and came home to the soured laundry and stinky house, I had to take my son to a orthodontist appointment for an evaluation for braces. When we were arriving home, we saw that a black cat had been hit in front of the camp. My son said that it looked like our cat, Tickles. We went to the house and searched everywhere, hoping beyond hope that we would find him, but we didn’t. So, my son and I went back down to where he had been hit and checked him out. He didn’t have a collar on, but Tick is always losing his collar. Everything else matched. The white tuft of fur, the reddish tint. Then I started grasping at straws. “Let’s make sure he’s male.” So, here we are in the middle of the road checking the gender of a dead cat. Yep, it was male. So I asked my son to go back up to the house and grab a towel and a shovel. I stood guard over Tick so he wouldn’t get hit again. We wrapped Tickles up in a towel and carried him to some trees. I just held him and cried and loved on him until my son could get a hole dug. I didn’t want to wait until hubby got home. He had a hard enough time when we had to put Max down, and we also needed to get to the church for music practice. We finally got Tickles buried, and I got a shower to get the dead cat smell off of me. Quite frankly, I was done in. I wasn’t sure how I could take anymore. After music practice, my son brought me and our weekend kids home – hubby had taken our daughter to a bluegrass concert – and I was just wanting to go to bed. I was ready to be done.

And would you believe…

Sitting on our front porch waiting impatiently to get inside was Tickles.  We had buried someone else’s cat.


At least the cat had been appropriate mourned over and properly buried.

I am thankful that it wasn’t Tickles.

Now if I can just get the poor cat to keep his kibble down.  I’m thinking it’s the heat. As a black cat, he doesn’t do heat gracefully, and he refuses to stay inside during the hottest part of the day. He prefers to be king of the tractor.

I’m praying for an easier July.  😀



One thought on “Catching Up

  1. Sweetie, you could compile all of this and write a book. Yes, I have had those days,weeks,months. More lately. I am glad you are finally getting some relief of those migraines.  Your mom told me the kids are going off on a trip soon. Branson,camp, and grandmas. They are such fine young people.  Love you all so much. Aunt Cindy

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