I would love to report…

That our internet service has gotten better, but it hasn’t. In fact, I think it’s gotten worse.

Right now I’m at work, so I’ve decided to start posting while I’m here.

I’m not on the clock.

The kids are in Missouri visiting hubby’s mom, so I’ve been going into work early since we only have one vehicle. Yep, the kids took mine. It’s the first time the kids have gone off by themselves. They have been gone since the second week in July. They should be coming back next week. I think. If they are gone any longer I might have them start making my car payment. 😀  Just kidding. Maybe…

I don’t know why I didn’t think of posting on my blog here at work before. I’ve been getting here around 6:30-7:00 a.m. almost every workday. I don’t have to be here until 9:00. It’s actually quite nice coming in so early. It’s so quiet and peaceful.

Tim is still enjoying his job as hospice chaplain and pastor. I’m still enjoying working for the insurance agency and as a pastor. We keep fairly busy. Our life is never boring.

Right now I’m working on a project. Remember when we first moved in here and lightning struck the tree next to the house? Well, we finally got the tree taken down. I’m in the middle of clearing all the debris. But every time I get a chance to work on it, it rains. It has rained almost every day for the last month.

So, hopefully I can finish up with the small stuff soon and then hubby can get the tractor and move the big logs.  We have three or four other trees down in the park that need cleaned up as well. It’s just finding the time and days without rain to get it done. I just hope the snakes don’t make themselves too much at home before I can get back to work. 😛

I don’t do snakes gracefully.


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